Maximum performance in print quality and speed is the identifying feature apart from the economical variant with the ribbon save option. By the use of a new 32 bit RISC processor the Spectra II is one of the fastest label printers on the market. In a split second a label is generated with text, bar code or graphics and printed with print speed of 350 mm/s. The system has versatile equipment variants and print widths up to 216 mm. The bar code verification by means of scanner is one of the multiple options.

spectra II
Model SPECTRA II 160/12 SPECTRA II 162/12 SPECTRA II 216/24
Print method
 Direct Thermal & Thermal Transfer
Print Resolution  300 dpi (Corner Type)   300 dpi (Flat Type)   300 dpi (Flat Type)
Print width (max)
 160 mm  162 mm  216 mm
Print speed (max)
 300 mm/s  300 mm/s  200 mm/s
LCD Display
Yes, New Display:  6.5” Touch-screen displayYes, 
Processor High Speed 32 Bit/RAM 16MB
Option  RFID Write/Read unit; Barcode Scanner 1D, 2D verifying in real-time. Ribbon Save
Interface  USB, RS232, Parallel, 3 x USB Host, Ethernet 10/100 Base T, Option :Wireless
Weight  21 kg  21 kg  28 kg

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