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1343977933080430_Mitsubishi_RFID      When you going to the Supermarket, you’ll lose about 15 minutes for the scanner read the barcode of the items for bill. Sometimes, you go to the supermarket just to buy one thing, such as a cake box. You have to wait in long queue for your turn to be charged. There are people who are not patient enough to wait queue and they need choose the solution “faster”. A smarter solution to solve this, it’s the application of RFID Technology..

What’s RFID Technology?

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) is technology identifies objects by radio signal. This technology allows identifies objects via radio signal transceiver system, we can monitor, manage or keep track of each object. As the above, you go to the supermarket, put items into the stroller and push the car straight through monitoring gates. A device that automatically identifies each item you buy and automatically deducted from your debit account. “Great! Fast and convenient!”. That just one of many applications of RFID technology.RFID3en


RFID System structure

RFID system consists of two main components: RFID tags and Reader. RFID tags attached silicon chip and radio antenna which used to attach on objects to manage objects such as products, merchandise, animal or even human … RFID tags have very small size, estimate a few centimeters. Memory Chip can contain from 96 to 512 bit of data. Reader allows communication with the RFID tag using radio waves in the average distance from 0.5 to 30 meters, then it transfers data to a central computer system.rfid2en


RFID technology was widely apply in many fields, especially in the management and storage of goods. For example, RFID tags mounted to monitor temperature of goods, help manufacturers monitor the temperature in the cold storage. These tags will transmit data to the reader, data recieved from the tags continuously transmit to a central computer and save the data obtained. Then, manufacturers have access to the internet from anywhere can also track their goods in the cold storage.

Beside, RFID tags can be used to implant on the pets to identify the origin and track, avoid having lost and stolen. In library, RFID tags are attached to the books, reduces search time and check inventory, anti-theft. Some fields can use a large number of RFID tags such as : smart cards, identity card, electronic passport, ATM card, goods in supermarkets, public transport systems, garment industry, footwear…RFID4en