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Learn more about barcode scanner !


Barcode scanner is an image acquisition equipment of the barcode and transfer the information to the computer or the device that need. It has a light source attached the lens to focus light onto barcode, then it collects reflected light to light sensor and transform light signals into electrical signals. Moreover, many barcode scanner can equiped electronic circuit to process received signals from light sensor into appropriate signals for connect to PC.

Currently, barcode scanner has two basic technology :

  • Laser technology: irradiate laser beam onto barcode surface, advantage : scan high speed
  • CCD technology: apply photo technology, advantage : read barcodes have uneven surfaces.

Laser method+ Laser method 

To read the barcodes,laser beam irradiate onto barcode surface and image is captured by laser photo detector. Laser beam irradiate as a mirror and scan through all barcode to read entire them..

Using laser beam allowed read barcode far and wide.


Pen method

This method uses an LED light source and a sensor to capture the reflected of it. It works when a person moves a scanner to read the entire barcode.


With simple structure, this method becomes less costly.




+ CCD method

This method uses a semiconductor device called CCD (Charge Coupled Device), transform light signals into electrical signals.

CCD method

Barcode Scanners use CCD method integrate light inside. The scanner scan a barcode and image capture through CCD to read.

A barcode is captured light only once, allowed read faster. The great thing is without moving parts and deterrent effect.